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XAMS (eXtended Account Management System) is a PHP-based application suite for managing electronic mail accounts on multiple domains in a virtual hosting environment. The XAMS eMail management system primarily consists of a powerful administration panel for managing users, aliases, mailbox quotas, and other mail-related functions.

Using XAMS, you can:

  • Configure mail server settings via an easy-to-use GUI
  • Manage any number of domains, mailboxes, and aliases
  • Group domains together to function as a single entity
  • Delegate the management of domains to resellers
  • Impose quotas on mailbox sizes on a per-domain and per-mailbox basis
  • Allow individual users to change their own mailbox passwords and other settings

XAMS manages these domains and user accounts in a database, entirely separate from your Unix system environment.

XAMS ties together and integrates with these packages to provide a coherent virtual hosting solution for e-mail:

  • Exim, a flexible mail transfer agent (MTA) with an intuitive and flexible configuration system
  • The Courier IMAP/POP server for mailbox access
  • MySQL, a powerful, free database server, used for storing domain and account information.

The XAMS graphical user interface is written in PHP, runs on top of Apache, and produces XHTML 1.1 compliant pages.

To read more about the way XAMS works and its features, please take a look at the documentation. You can also try a live demonstration.

XAMS is released under version 3 of the Gnu Public License (GPL). There are no restrictions for use, private or commercial, and it may be freely distributed.